Trello is a software application that helps you employ the Kanban method of project management to your life, business, or project. It’s technically a project management software but it can be applied to so much more than just project management.

Watch this video overview to see a little bit about how it works.

You’ll see how to setup Kanban boards, lists, and cards.

Trello can be used for communication between multiple people within a project. It can be used to manage a large number of projects from a macro view, or it can be used to manage your tasks within a single project or event.


After you’ve watched the video above, please check out some case study videos that I’ve setup to show you how this software can fit many scenarios.

Also you don’t have to limit yourself to using it just one way. You can use it one way on one project, and another way on another. Make it fit the individual situation.

Ultimately once you apply this to your own projects, business, or goals, you’ll see quickly how much time is saved when you can quickly and easily prioritize the most effective things to do at any time. Spend your time getting stuff done instead of managing the stuff you need to do. Make notes when ideas hit you so they’re saved to be acted upon later.

If you do nothing more than notate your ideas as they come instead of being derailed by them when you have them, you’ll stay on task more, and still be able to come back to your ideas when the time is more appropriate and effective.

Stay in Effective Mode with Trello.

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